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A new game development studio with a history of developing quality titles spanning two decades

"At the start we looked back at the games we delivered over the past 20 years. Our journey goes back to Psygnosis and through to Studio Liverpool. Individuals on the team have worked on games that shaped the industry including titles for hardware launches that span PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3 and PSVita. The next step of that journey is Firesprite" says Managing Director Graeme Ankers.

Firesprite was born when the Management and Creative Leads of Studio Liverpool came together with a shared vision of creating a new game studio. The founder team alone has 80+ years of experience and has worked on games such as Shadow of the Beast, Lemmings, Rollcage, Colony Wars, Killzone, Motorstorm, F1, and WipEout.

"Firesprite has just completed its first work collaborating with SCE Japan Studio on THE PLAYROOM for PS4. Using our past experience we could support Japan Studio in realising the artistic vision of the project. We're very proud and honoured to have been part of such an exciting project" says Art Director Lee Carus.

"Working with the Firesprite team has been a real pleasure. With their track record of great looking titles, they became the ideal partner for us on THE PLAYROOM" says Nicolas Doucet of SCE Japan Studio and Director of The Playroom.


Chris Roberts and Dr. Stuart Lovegrove - Firesprite Technical Director and Programming Director say "We have been working hard on creating a new game engine and tool chain that allows us to put the creative power in the best hands - the Artists and Designers. That puts us in a great position delivering the best experiences for players. It also allows us to get our games running on multiple platforms including mobile - so we can deliver platform specific features that make the best games".


Firesprite is very proud to be working with the SCEE Sony XDEV team "It's been great working with XDEV with the wealth of experience they bring" says Firesprite Executive Game Director Stuart Tilley.

Firesprite is committed to delivering games on new platforms and new experiences. We really hope you have as much fun playing our games as we do making them.

About Firesprite

A brand new game development studio based in the heart of Liverpool city centre UK.

The diverse team has worked on pillar games over the past two decades.

Firesprite's first collaboration is with SCE WWS Japan Studio on THE PLAYROOM for PlayStation 4, for which they developed the visual side.

More news on Firesprite's next game to follow!

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