A brand-new Horizon adventure co-developed by Guerrilla and Firesprite for PlayStation VR2, this unique experience has been designed to push hardware technology, innovation and gameplay.

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    VR Adventure

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    PlayStation VR2

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Experience the majestic world of Horizon like never before in this new adventure for PlayStation®VR2. The stunning visuals and innovative features of the new PS VR2 Sense controllers fully immerse you into the world of Horizon for an experience like no other.

Ascend the towering peaks of the Carja Sundom as Ryas, a disgraced former soldier, and unravel a new mystery surrounding the machines to redeem yourself and save your people. You will also meet Aloy, other familiar faces, and new characters along the way.

Journey back out into the wilds like never before in Horizon Call of the Mountain.

Head to PlayStation.com to learn more about what you can expect from Horizon Call of the Mountain and the immersive gaming experience on PlayStation VR2!

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