Firesprite speak about graduate recruitment and training

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November 13, 2019
Firesprite speak about graduate recruitment and training

We speak to Aardvark Swift about our next generation of developers

Firesprite Senior Development Manager Richard Wood, speaks about our approach.

In the the debut podcast from Aardvark Swift, Richard Wood gives an insight into life at Firesprite and how we progress our graduate recruitments internally to become the next generation developers of tomorrow.

Rich Wood

Alongside discussing how management and game teams pull together across the various projects, Rich recently sat down with Abbie to elaborate on our graduate recruitment and training. When graduates join the studio, they’re put into a team of 100 per cent other graduates:

“They work together on services and platforms that have real-world deliveries and release schedules.” explains Wood, “They go through the full process, from ideation, development and release and that way they get the experience of what it’s like to work in a studio.” It works to develop their confidence and means they’re able to get feedback from both internal sources and real-world clients.

You can hear the rest of the interview here at the ASwift podcast.