Firesprite speaks about culture and foundations

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March 28, 2020
Firesprite speaks about culture and foundations

We talk about heritage, founding culture and what makes the business tick.

From past to present day, Firesprite Games MD, Graeme Ankers provides an insight into the business.

Firesprite Games

Culture is massively important to us here at Firesprite so we jumped at the chance to talk about with GamesJobsDirect in their debut podcast series, where they shine a spotlight on development studios and the people behind the projects, to talk about their culture and the day to day workings.

Graeme recounts the history of the North-West’s game development scene and how this shaped the founding of Firesprite and the growth in the past few years to the present day along with talking about our ambitions for the future!

You can listen to the full recording here at gamesjobsdirect.