Meet the Sprites: Chloe Sinclair

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October 27, 2020
Meet the Sprites: Chloe Sinclair

We speak to Studio Coordinator, Chloe Sinclair, about life at Firesprite

In this interview series, we speak to some of the staff here to provide an insight into life at Firesprite from a variety of disciplines within the studio.

Today we chat with Studio Coordinator, Chloe!

Chloe Sinclair

What is your name and job title? 
My name is Chloe Sinclair and I’m the Studio Coordinator here at Firesprite! 

What do you love most about doing the type of role that you do? 
I love that no two days are the same for me, it really keeps me on my toes. Being a Studio Coordinator means that I get to work closely with lots of different disciplines ranging from Office Management, HR, Recruitment, Dev Managers, Helpdesk, and Directors, all whilst catering to specific needs of the staff in general. I’d say I’m like some sort of quest completing studio chameleon adapting to each challenge as it’s thrown my way.  

What is your favourite thing about working at Firesprite?  
This is the first job I’ve had where it doesn’t actually feel like work because I really enjoy doing it. Being constantly surrounded by creative individuals who have similar interests to me and want nothing but the best for each other is on par with the upbeat, drama-free workspace of my dreams. There is mutual comradery and respect that flows through the studio that I’ve not seen in previous jobs before, everyone is just so cool and I’ve learned a lot since working here! 

Tell us something about you that might surprise us? 
I completed a Video Game Design course a few years back and one of the developers here was my tutor! Growing up I’ve always loved gaming, so after failing to gravitate towards a specific discipline during the course, I was left feeling pretty disheartened because I knew the game industry was a place I wanted to be, I just didn’t know how to get there. Jump forward a few years and I notice this position going on the Firesprite Twitter account, 60 minutes after my first interview, I was called back and offered the job! The rest is history!   

Being in a people-facing role, what keeps you motivated and engaged whilst working from home? 
I’d say that the thing that is motivating me whilst working from home is still having the drive to make sure that everyone stays connected, an obvious factor being the weekly newsletter that goes out. It’s been really nice to see people contribute to the newsletter that I author to keep staff updated internally and to also see the positive feedback from it each week.  It’s been a very bizarre period too so I’ve been making sure that I’m there just for any staff members who want to reach out and talk also.