International Women's Day 2021

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March 8, 2021
International Women's Day 2021

Celebrating the Women of Firesprite this March

For International Women’s Day 2021 we celebrated the amazing women of Firesprite! Working in Code, Art, Animation, Design, QA, Production, HR, People Engagement, Marketing, Recruitment and Finance, some of our talented women explored questions on the topic of women in games in our IWD 2021 video.

Inspired by this year’s #ChooseToChallenge theme, and the awareness and empowerment celebrated during Women’s History Month, we’re continuing to showcase the women of Firesprite, their work, and insights as women in the game and tech industry throughout the month of March. Our team will be discussing the importance of diversity, how to increase the number of women in games, offer their advice to others aspiring to work in the industry, and much more.

Today we’re exploring how the work of our women across all disciplines contributes to our delivery of cutting-edge projects to players. Whether it’s via hands-on development, establishing our studio and team care goals, or showcasing who we are and what we do; today we’re asking:

How does your work help bring Firesprite’s games to life?

“It’s my job to bring things to life, I add personality, style and attitude to the character models in hopes that each one is memorable and fun to play!”
- Abby, Animator

“QA is essentially the bridge between the developer and the end user, everything that we see is what the end user is going to see, so it’s vital for us to point out anything that doesn’t look right / doesn’t function correctly. If you buy a game, you’d want it to be enjoyable and as bug free as possible, that’s what the QA department is for – we point out things that would affect the quality of the end product.”
- Victoria T, QA

“As an engine programmer my daily tasks are related to the code from which the game runs. I also do performance and optimisations tasks, and this year I have started with the automated area.”
- Ester, Senior Engine Programmer

“I work closely with the narrative and animation directors along with the design department to produce immersive and stunning cinematic experiences. Additionally, I also help in improving animation tools and pipeline by testing developed tools and requesting new tools to streamline the animation process and pipeline.”
- Darshita, Senior Cinematic Animator

“My role is about making sure our Studio establishes and maintains a workplace culture where our ‘sprites’ can not only accomplish their work, but they can do so in an environment which allows them to thrive. Whether that be policies that support and encourage mental health and well-being or introducing studio-wide benefits, which actively promote an essential work-life balance. Arguably, the way I see it is, the less energy our sprites put into worrying about workplace issues, the more energy they can put into making our games come to life!”
- Anita, HR Assistant

“As an animator, it is important to know that animation isn’t just about moving the character but creating a story and helping the player connect with the characters too. Being an animator in Firesprite enlightens our games by bringing new creative ideas which helps you escape reality. It’s fascinating seeing something from a virtual world interact with you and can do awesome things.”
- Tiffany, Junior Animator

“As a programmer I get to contribute to many aspects of my project. Most of the time I am figuring out ways to create systems that the designers can use to get their ideas into the game.”
- Natalie, Junior Programmer

“I love that my role celebrates the incredible work that our talented team does. I get to showcase the Firesprite team, culture and amazing projects. I help bring our games to life by developing content which best showcases to our community what we’re working on and why it’s awesome! I also work closely with People Engagement and Recruitment to help expand and strengthen our fantastic team and culture. I communicate directly with both the community and the dev teams, creating a conversation between our studio and our players to best serve and understand our players’ needs.”
- Caroline, Senior Social Media and Content Manager

“As character artists, we have the responsibility of bringing the concepts that we’re given to life and make them in 3D. So when I create characters, I definitely want to get that character’s story across so when you first see them you know exactly who they are and what they do. I also want to make sure that all their important features pop out, that it’s a cool character who people want to play.”
- Nagia, Character Artist

“Here at Firesprite I help bring our games to life by helping build the incredibly talented teams that make our awesome games!”
- Sharan, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

“I like to bring narrative and storytelling into my environments. I think when you’re playing a game you want to feel like you’re going on an adventure and that’s what I like to bring into my work. I think that’s what makes Firesprite such a good studio, because they have such a variety of games, there’s something for everyone.”
- Victoria G, Environment Artist