The Persistence Enhanced: Optimised for PlayStation®5

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April 30, 2021
The Persistence Enhanced: Optimised for PlayStation®5

The Persistence Enhanced launches June 4th on PlayStation®5

The Persistence Enhanced Key Art Image

On June 4th The Persistence Enhanced, launches worldwide on PlayStation®5 as a digital download, and in the form of a boxed edition at retail stores in Europe only. Fully optimised for the new generation hardware and with the inclusion of the immersive DualSense™ haptic feedback & adaptive triggers, today we’re taking a closer look at what you can expect from The Persistence Enhanced on PlayStation®5.  
This Enhanced Edition of our critically acclaimed survival horror rogue-lite for PS5 flat-screen introduces a host of improvements and optimisations, introducing a dynamic rasterized 4k60 ‘Performance’ mode and 4k30 ‘Quality’ mode which features Raytracing, with realtime reflections and global illumination, dialling up the intensity of the dark foreboding decks of the doomed deep space colony ship. 

Alongside these graphical improvements, the DualSense™ controller brings a new immersion to combat. With the haptic feedback and adaptive trigger functionality, the difference and profile of every weapon will be felt when picked up from the fabricator, with adaptive trigger pressure feedback for the various ranged weapons in the game such as the Sentinel, StormFury or the Grav Hook for example. This extends to melee combat also, from the deflection of enemy attacks to the sensation of plunging a Peacekeeper Knife into the flesh of the aberrant creatures you’ll encounter. 

The Persistence Enhanced on PS5 will feature:  
Enhanced trigger feedback, haptics and vibrations exclusive to the DualSense™ 
Dynamic 4k 60 fps with rasterised lighting and reflections. 
Dynamic 4k 30 fps with raytraced lighting and reflections. 
Gyroscope aim available in comfort settings 
Game-feel improvements  
Updated effects and particles  
Instant loading  
Improved UI  

We’re delighted to confirm that The Persistence Enhanced will be available as a free upgrade to players who own the game on PlayStation®4.  You will still need to keep the PlayStation®4 version to play in VR, however, as The Persistence Enhanced does not natively support PlayStation®VR. 
The Persistence Enhanced will be available June 4th, Follow The Persistence on Twitter for all the latest reveals and news!