The Persistence Enhanced: Enhanced for Next Gen Hardware

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April 27, 2021
The Persistence Enhanced: Enhanced for Next Gen Hardware

Coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X and Steam June 4th

the persistence enhanced key art image

We’re excited to announce that our critically acclaimed survival horror title, The Persistence, will be available for PlayStation 5, XBOX Series X|S and PC platforms in the form of an Enhanced Edition launching worldwide on June 4th.

The Persistence challenges you to venture into a doomed deep space colony starship in the year 2521.  Stranded, malfunctioning and caught in the inexorable pull of a black hole, “The Persistence” is overrun with a crew mutated into horrific and murderous aberrations. It’s down to you, a clone of security officer Zimri Eder, to make your way deeper in the decks of The Persistence, repair the systems and prevent the ship from being torn apart. 

This Enhanced Edition brings improved lighting and particle effects to PC and console, DXR implementation and requested quality of life features on PC, UX and UI refinements, Raytracing enabled ‘Quality’ Mode on next gen consoles and haptic feedback via DualSense on PS5.

We’re delighted to offer The Persistence Enhanced as a free upgrade to players who already own The Persistence digital or physical boxed edition on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox consoles.

Our Publishing partner, Perp Games will also release a PlayStation 5 boxed edition at retail stores in Europe.

The Persistence Enhanced will feature:

Raytracing Support
Game-feel improvements 
Updated effects and particles 
Improved UI 
Bug fixes 

PlayStation 5:
Dynamic 4k 60 fps without RT
Dynamic 4k30 with RT
Enhanced trigger feedback, haptics and vibrations exclusive to the DualSense 
Instant loading 

Xbox Series S|X: 
Dynamic 4k 60 fps without RT (XSS as standard) 
Dynamic 4k30 with RT
Instant loading   

DXR implementation
Adjustable frame rates
144htz lock in display options 
Customisable controls and weapon hotswapping
Mouselook now free, rather than locked to the middle button 
Additional monitor support 
Improved windowed mode 
Improved menu screens, comfort options and HUD scaling
Manual language change 

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