Thank a Sprite!

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July 30, 2021
Thank a Sprite!

The Firesprite team share messages of appreciation

thank a sprite

We’re very proud to introduce our new “Thank a Sprite” initiative! Thank a Sprite is an an open opportunity to share anonymous messages of appreciation and gratitude for a teammate. Every month, we take all nominations and share them with the whole studio via our internal newsletter.

We were so blown away by all the touching responses we received for our first ever Thank a Sprite event that we’d love to share some just of them with you today only in celebration of International Friendship Day; as a special thanks to both these individual sprites, and to the entire team for the amazing work they do and support they offer one another.

Alex Taylor, Technical Cinematic Designer
“Brought us an awesome process that people are already using and seeing benefits with!  Awesomely proactive for a new starter!”

“Thanks to Alex Taylor for reaching out to have a chat on my first day at Firesprite.  A fun and pleasant call that made me feel welcome.”

Chloe Sinclair, People Engagement Manager
“You do so much for the studio and everyone in it and really come off as such a genuinely good and supportive person.”

Jim Arnold, Development Manager
“Jim works tirelessly to do everything he can for his teams and projects. I wanted to remind him to take a break now and again, and to thank him for always bringing his best self to the working day”

“The support I’ve received from him has been immense with joining the company, fitting in to the team and taking the time out to ask about my wellbeing. Being a leader is one thing but being able to give that support is next level.”

Colin Stewart, Senior Artist
“He’s worked hard with his Project in helping organise the Environment Art Team. I can’t express how super hard working he’s been. He has had a huge impact on this project with all he’s done so far”

“Colin has helped take a huge weight off my shoulders and got up to speed in the Lead position very quickly. He has shown himself to be organised and proactive, working across disciplines to help achieve what is required.”

Oscar Værnø, Junior Development Manager
“An invaluable addition to the Production crew, Oscar has just completed a year at Firesprite and on behalf of the team, I wanted to say well done over the last year, and we would be a bit lost without him.”

Chris McCann, Lead Analyst
“His brain is made up of internet, voodoo and crocodile clips, I think. He’s regularly working crazy hours to keep us all going. And he is always so positive about it! He is brilliant!”

Caleb O’Brien, Junior Character Artist
“Caleb stepped up without even being asked and took on some of the work I had scheduled as well as his own. He is always happy to help and has made me feel at home from day one at Firesprite.”

Ian Pickles, Development Director
“Always the reassuring voice of sanity for me, thanks for all the help over the last few weeks I’ve really appreciated it!”

Duncan Bunting, Programmer
“For always being willing to help out with all manner of technical issues and doing so in such a friendly and understanding way. It’s really nice to have someone so knowledgeable and kind around!”

Stu Tilley, Creative Director
“Thoroughly enjoy working with Stu and I look forward to meetings with him as he’s such a nice chap, it brightens my day.”

A huge thank you to all those who submitted their messages of appreciation and made a sprite smile, and to all those named for their fantastic contributions and positive impact they’ve made to a fellow sprite and the team as a whole. We can’t wait to see what next month brings!