Meet our Mental Health Champions!

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February 3, 2022
Meet our Mental Health Champions!

Sprites championing mental health awareness

Introducing the Firesprite Mental Health Champions! This week Fran, Natalie, Jim, Anita, Chloe and Daisy completed their Mental Health First Aid England Mental Health Awareness course.

The course provided our Champions with:

  • An understanding of what mental health is, and how we can challenge stigma.
  • Knowledge of common mental health issues.
  • An introduction to looking after their own mental health and maintaining wellbeing.
  • Confidence to support anyone at Firesprite in distress, or who may be experiencing mental health issues.

As their first initiative to tackle the stigma around mental health, the group today hosted a special Mind and Rethink Mental Illness Time To Talk session for the studio. In the spirit of Time To Talk day, the session prompted open conversation in a safe space. They played MythBusters; making sure our sprites had the correct facts about mental health, as well as answering everyone’s burning questions on the topic.

Time To Talk Day is about us all being open to the idea of talking – we all have mental health, and by having conversations about it we can help ourselves and others. It’s not about forcing people to talk about a mental health problem if they don’t want to, but about making them aware that they have support and someone to listen to them.

We’re so proud of our Champions and grateful for their commitment to help us create a safe environment for all at Firesprite by being able to provide appropriate means of support, resources, and guidance.

If you’d like more information on Time to Talk Day and access to mental health resources, advice and support please visit www.mind.org.uk and www.rethink.org.