Voice At The Table Inclusivity Workshop

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October 5, 2022
Voice At The Table Inclusivity Workshop

Inclusive recruitment and unconscious bias training

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We’d like to extend a massive thank you to Voice At The Table who joined us last week for an incredibly insightful Inclusive Recruitment and Unconscious Bias Training workshop.

Voice At The Table “help organisations understand how they can improve from wherever they are on their diversity journey and move forward.”

The workshop offered an exploration and understanding of common biases in the workplace and their impact, outlined inclusive recruitment practices, and provided examples of successful de-biased recruitment processes.

Our recruitment and leadership teams found the workshop incredibly valuable for the studio!

Talent Acquisition Specialist, Rosey, said, “the Voice At The Table training we had was so valuable for our Talent Acquisition team – it was so positive to see we’re on the right path with all the steps we’ve already been taking to make sure our hiring process is as inclusive as possible, and we have also been able to generate loads of ideas to improve things even more!”

Talent Acquisition Assistant, Claire, added, “having Voice At The table join us and provide their training was fantastic - It’s certainly a topic across the board and within recruitment that I’m glad we took some space to dive further into. Inge and Joyce gave us a great insight overall, including case studies from previous companies which were well presented. Breaking down the individual areas of Unconscious Bias and discussing examples provided some valuable feedback for us in the session - would absolutely recommend!”

Thank you so much again to this fantastic team, who armed us with insights and actions which allow us to greater strengthen our commitment to inclusivity here at Firesprite.

To learn more about the resources and services Voice At The Table provide, visit their website here.