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November 29, 2022

Celebrating 10 years of creativity at Firesprite with our project teams

As part of our 10-year anniversary celebrations this November, we’ve been catching up with our project teams to revisit and reflect on our journey so far. Today we’re talking to the sprites who worked on THE PLAYROOM VR!

Released in 2016, Team ASOBI’s THE PLAYROOM VR is an innovative collection of action-packed co-operative and competitive mini-games – a virtual reality toybox sure to leave a colossal impact on any party! A free download for PlayStation®VR, owners, THE PLAYROOM VR truly showcases the magic of VR.

We chat with Firesprite Principal Technical Artist, Nathan Roberts, Senior Animator, Gav Fitzgerald, Associate Art Director, Rob Sutton, Senior Storyboard Artist, Darren Douglas, and Senior Dev Manager, Gareth Delve; for a look back on their time with Team ASOBI’s THE PLAYROOM VR!

How did it feel to work with Team ASOBI on their innovative project?

Nathan: It was an absolute pleasure to be a trusted partner for Team ASOBI again! We knew we were making something really special with them, and to see the online and public response validate that was very rewarding.

Rob: To be given the opportunity to collaborate with Team ASOBI again was so exciting. It really felt like we were breaking new ground together with the new PS VR headset, as well as exploring the new opportunities that the social screen would bring for players.

What are some of your most memorable moments from your time working on the project?

Gareth: The trip over to visit Team ASOBI in Japan was an absolute highlight!

Darren: My young nephew rushing up to me one Christmas, wide-eyed and in awe as he’d just been told I’d played a part in helping to make the game. And of course, the trip to Japan to meet our friends at Team ASOBI!

Gav: This time the teams collaborated on multiple mini games and adventures for the AR Bots. Seeing the process of their development through from concept on paper/docs, to the final polished piece. That was a huge highlight.

Rob: I got the opportunity to visit Team ASOBI in Tokyo a couple of times during this project. They were really productive visits, and really helped bond the teams even more.

How did your work on THE PLAYROOM ready the team for the PLAYROOM VR?

Rob: By the time we started work on THE PLAYROOM VR we had a really good understanding of how the vision that Team ASOBI had for THE PLAYROOM universe and that everything in the world should have personality. Even inanimate objects like the air-conditioning units in the ‘Wanted!’ saloon appeared to be alive and dancing along to the music!

How was the experience of working with VR?

Darren: I really love VR and I’m easily immersed in it. I’d already fallen in love with the Bots created for AR so to dive into their world in VR was a ludicrous joy.