Wellness and Inclusivity at Firesprite

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July 17, 2023
Wellness and Inclusivity at Firesprite

Designing a studio that reflects our values

At Firesprite, we want to embrace the presence of every single sprite by creating an environment where everyone feels welcomed, respected and empowered to contribute and thrive. Today we’re spotlighting all the design decisions and initiatives that make our new studio a place of wellness and inclusivity for our whole team.

Our studio Diversity & Inclusivity mission statement is: ‘promoting a visible commitment to a culture of inclusion and mutual respect across Firesprite, in order to recruit, retain and develop talent from every walk of life, reflecting the community that we make games for’.

Our new studio was the latest opportunity for us to embody that mission at Firesprite, designed in tandem with our sprites to meet their needs.

An Accessible Workspace
The building has been adapted to reduce accessibility barriers. Our accessible receptions include knees space to allow ease of signing in for all. Accessible ramped level changes, doors, elevators, and WC allow for ease of access throughout the space. We’re also proud to have a fully accessible kitchen, with worktop levels which have been designed to incorporate the requirements of all potential users.

Prioritising Wellness
We understand the importance of creating a positive and productive work environment which is why we also have dedicated breakout areas, wellness rooms and healthy refresh stations dotted about the building, so our sprites can unwind and relax throughout the working day. And of course, we also have plentiful gaming, entertainment and social spaces to allow for ample wind-down and get-together opportunities.

Spaces Tailored for Inclusion
A parental nursing room houses practical features and is fitted with dimmable lights and comfortable furnishings. Our prayer room is a quiet, intimate and appropriately equipped space to prepare for and carry out prayer. A dedicated quiet zone has been created with greater visual and audio privacy for any colleagues who may need it. Decompression and wellbeing spaces offer a more homely feel and comfort for neurodiverse colleagues needing respite from the office. Hearing loops are available for all meeting rooms, and training hubs are open forum spaces for knowledge sharing and awareness development.

Collaboration and inclusiveness are key pillars for our team, and we passionately believe in our D&I mission statement. We’re truly thankful to our sprites whose insights helped craft a space mindful of the needs of our team – current and future.

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