Global Butterflies Language & Pronouns Workshop

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August 10, 2023
Global Butterflies Language & Pronouns Workshop

Global Butterflies join us for a workshop to strengthen our commitment to allyship

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This week we were absolutely delighted to welcome back our friends Global Butterflies who led an insightful course for us on trans and non-binary language and pronouns, to deepen our understanding of issues currently facing the community and the ways in which we can strengthen our allyship.

Global Butterflies help businesses become more trans and non-binary inclusive, educating allies and supporting the community through consultancy, events and funding charity and support groups for trans and non-binary people in the UK.

The illuminating session explained the terminology of gender language and individual expression. Our sprites also learned simple steps we can take to ensure respectful interactions and signal allyship.

Crucially, we also heard trans and non-binary voices detailing individual expression, identity and personal experience; demonstrating precisely why it’s so important to be trans and non-binary inclusive.

As ever, our wonderful hosts kindly offered an extensive Q&A session. A safe space for reflections, questions and open discussion from our team which really helped our sprites expand on their understanding on how to improve our approaches as allies.

Reviewing the learnings from our previous sessions and building upon that knowledge to update and expand our understanding, this latest session with the fantastic team was massively appreciated by our studio!