Voice at The Table Host an Impact of Words Workshop For Our Studio

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August 7, 2023
Voice at The Table Host an Impact of Words Workshop For Our Studio

The DE&I organisation join us for an inclusive communication session

Voice At The Table Logo on a white backdrop

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to Voice At The Table who recently joined us for a fantastic workshop on ‘The Impact of Words’.

Voice At The Table “help organisations understand how they can improve from wherever they are on their diversity journey and move forward.”

The incredible team first joined us last year for Inclusive Recruitment and Unconscious Bias training and more recently, in March of this year, they hosted an informative Understanding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: The What, Why and How session for us.

We’re so thankful to the team whose ‘The Impact of Words’ workshop illustrated why choosing the right words is important, what the fundamental principles of excellent communication are, and why inclusive communication is effective communication.

The illuminating session taught us the pillars of brilliant communication, how to make informed choices about how we communicate, and the ways in which we can be mindful of our audience. We also learned how to navigate the ever-changing landscape of language and how to handle challenging situations.

Mindful communication is a key tool in fostering a welcoming environment in which everyone can thrive, open up and feel comfortable. We’d like to say thank you again to our friends at Voice at The Table who provided our team with insights and actions which allow us to greater strengthen our commitment to inclusivity here at Firesprite.

To learn more about the resources and services Voice At The Table provide, visit their website here.