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If you encounter any issues while playing The Persistence please send an email with as much details of the issue you have encountered.

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The Persistence Companion App Support

User guide/how to connect to the game

The Persistence Companion app can only connect to The Persistence over a local network connection.

The mobile device being used to connect to The Persistence needs to be wirelessly connected to the same Wi-Fi router as the PlayStation®4 system. The PlayStation®4 system can be connected to the router via a cable.

The Persistence app uses Multicast to find the main game. Please ensure you have Multicast enabled on both your internet router and mobile device. Some devices and routers do not natively support Multicast and we are looking into a workaround for this.

Missing Progress on android devices

If you are encountering an issue with the android version of the Persistence companion application not saving progress, please follow these steps on your android device:

We are currently exploring a workaround for this, however If the issue still happens after storage has been enabled, please contact

Other issues

If you encounter any other issues while playing The Persistence companion app, please contact

List supported devices

The following iOS devices are supported by the app:

iPhone: iPod Touch: iPad:

Android devices running Android 5.0 or later are supported.

Release notes

Interactive Companion App for the PlayStation VR game, and digital art book.

Explore The Persistence with this digital art book and connect to the PlayStation VR game. Help or Hinder your friends as they try to survive the infested starship.

Connect to The Persistence on PlayStation VR via your local network for some couch-coop thrills! You will see the procedurally generated decks of the ship and can guide the player to his goal. You are armed with powerful tools which make a huge difference to their gameplay, the question is, do you want to help, or hinder?

But these powers don’t have to be used for good!

Note: You need to have your mobile device and PlayStation®4 system connected to the same local network. Does not support internet play.